Best Watches for Kids – A Detailed Guide

Kids always love to have a first grand watch. Giving them a watch at early stages is actually good as they will learn how to read the time quickly. Gifting your kids with their first watch will make them really happy and excited to show it to their friends at school. Watches with cartoon characters are very stylish. Also a good mixture of colours makes the kids go crazy over it and keep wearing it on. Given below are a few good watches that you should definitely get for your kids.

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Timex Kids’ T72881

The Timex Kids’ T72881 is a classy and very colorful attractive watch for kids. The band is made out of high quality scot guard protected elastic, which means it’s easy for kids to put it on and take off. The band has geckos on them making it look very attractive. The other features are its water pressure resistance which is 30 meters or 99 feet. It is also very durable making it the perfect watch for active kids. The fun part of the watch is it glows in the dark.

Timex KidsT8751

The Timex T8751 is a very durable digital watch; the backlight stays on for about 3 seconds. The Velcro strap which is easy to adjust, makes it easy to put on and take off, and has a high dirt and stain resistant action. The water pressure resistance is up to 90 feet or 30 meters; that way you have no issues if your kid wants to take it to the pool or drop it in water. To its additional feature it has an alarm and timer functions. This is a nice fancy watch for your kid.

Lego Kids’ 9001192

This watch has a Lego design, featuring Star Wars and Darth Vader. It uses Japanese quartz; water pressure residency is up to 50 meter or 165 feet which means your kid can drop in to water and nothing will happen. The bezel material is plastic and function is stationary; the clasp is a push and slide making it easy to use. The watch is also very durable for kids who are active and playful.

Timex Kids’ T7B9829J

The Timex Kids’ T7B9829J is a really durable digital watch; its band is made out of good nylon which is buckle type. The water pressure resistance is up to 99 meter or 324.80 feet. This watch is perfect for kids who love to play with water. The other nice features are its alarm, calendar and back light.

 Timex Kids’ T71912

This watch is a nice digital watch, it a durable and nice for kids. It has nice feature like backlight, alarm elastic strap with is stain and dirt resistant and comfortable to wear, water pressure resistance pressure is 99 feet or 30 meter. Its camouflage band makes it very attractable.

All these watches are really amazing in their own way so making a choice from the ones mentioned above might be a bit hard, but no matter what you select for your kid, they are going to love it!

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