Guide: Top 3 Casio Mens Watches Review

Now-a-days, a watch is an indication of one’s lifestyle, personality, mood, style and is much more than a watch. It is a wonderful fashion statement that is quite affordable. It is even better, if it happens to be from a foremost watchmaker. If one is looking for a new watch that is trendy and sporty, there is no need to look any further. Buying a watch online does enhance personal style and any wonder why people with a desire for accuracy in keeping with time, look out to buy its workmanship worth the money.

Are Casio Watches Really Worth Your Money?

Casio watches can be said to be well worth the money. You need to spend quality time browsing through Casio brand of watches(See other Brand here). These watches provide precise and reliable time and are inexpensive too. With only a quick look, Casio watches are powerful enough to grab one’s attention into buying one.

In spite of the fact that it’s one of the latest watch manufacturers to get into the industry, Casio watches for men are absolutely on top of the list. Depending on the event, the watches provide an option to either go formal or casual. Look into the G Shock variety of digital watches online for a sporty appearance. On the durability factor, these watches are also highly rated. Whether digital or analog, metal, rubber or leather straps, they are produced with quality materials. So, those that care for innovations, sporty looks and precision of any new watches, get hold of the one’s on review.

Casio Watches

What You Can Expect From Casio?

These watches with analog and digital displays, leather or steel straps look attractive in formal surroundings. They can be worn to the office, for a formal dinner party and many other customary occasions. Needless to say, those wearing them either way they look their formal best. Moreover, these watches appear incredible in informal surroundings whether in stark white or a blend of black and blue. To look wonderful and feel confident, these watches when worn are the quintessence of perfection.

Top 3 Casio Watches Reviews

These three reviews of the favourite watches from Casio provide the required information. The watch reviews are briefly described and mention everything one needs to know about these watches. So, go ahead and do take a look at each one in particular. Great if either of them could be picked up. It might just be your lucky day.


Casio Mens MRW200H-1BV Black Resin Dive Watch

Casio Mens MRW200H-1BV Black Resin Dive Watch Review

This is the first in the series which features a watch with precise Japanese Quartz movement that guarantees accurate time all year round.  Presently for commercial products these days, quartz is the most excellent choice for watch engines.

There will not be a need to maintain the watch with time and effort. Probably when required, changing the battery is all that would be done. This would definitely take a very long time though.

Its Main Features Are:

  • Large case with black resin strap and buckle closure
  • Bezel rotates without clicking
  • Luminous hour hands & second hand
  • Display of day and date at 3 o’clock
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet

Heat-treated mineral crystal is used in the manufacturer of this watch. This guarantees to withstand any exterior forces against shock and scratches. Mineral crystal is a type of toughened glass, less than sapphire. Even though the resin case and band is not at all in relation to safety, just wearing the watch surely does provide one with a stylish and comfortable feeling.

At a glance, the day and date window with the two fold time feature provides great capability of reading the time. Especially in a dark place, its luminous hands also contribute to its readability as well.

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Casio G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV Watch

Casio Men G-Shock Classic Analog-Digital Watch Review The G100-1BV is a wristwatch second in the series from the G-Shock set.  These watches are appropriate for various types of activities. They provide great water proof capability and also have a lot of sturdy watches in this collection.

Just like the previous watch, it’s created with consistent Japanese Quartz movement. So, without a great deal of maintenance, this watch keeps time accurate for longer periods.  As a result of this benefit, a lot of people that are busy will find it worthwhile. Also its dual-mode display system is an interesting feature. Both digital and analog versions are on display. With up to 1/100 second in precision, its digital display with accuracy can be used as an excellent stopwatch.

Not mentioning the shock resistant capability would be anything but incomplete. The robust mineral crystal and special design does protect itself from dangerous performances. Therefore, just as well, it protects the wallet too.

Its Main Features Are:

  • Water resistant up to 200 meters
  • Anti-magnetic resistance
  • Shock resistant
  • Analog and digital display watch

Moreover, with its water resistance capability of 200 meters or 660 feet, this watch can be ideally used daily for various kinds of diving and swimming sports.

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 Casio Pro Trek Men’s PAS400B-5V Watch

Casio Men's PAS400B-5V Resin Fishing Watch Review

So, this brings us to the last but surely not the least wristwatch. This watch is from the Pathfinder series. Its special features are ideal for avid anglers. It provides information on sunrise, sunset and moon phase times with longitude and latitude as well. Even though if one is not an angler or have an interest in fishing, when in a few intense circumstances, these special features will most certainly come handy.

Its Main Features Are:

  • Based on the moon’s phase, indicates best time to fish  for avid anglers
  • Displays sunrise, sunset, latitude and longitude information
  • Digital display with Japanese Quartz movement
  • Defensive mineral crystal dial pane
  • Stopwatch with day, date and month functions
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters or 330 feet.
  • Appropriate for snorkeling and swimming but surely not for diving purpose

With Japanese Quartz movement yet again, this watch makes it better in accurately keeping time. The watch band is made from canvas and it surely is quite noticeable. When worn better prepare oneself for the attraction it would cause.

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As far as protection of the watch, a mineral crystal dial pane protects the internal parts of this digital watch from any damages and scratches. Well, it’s time now for a decision indeed!

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