Best Mens Watches Under $200 – A Detailed Guide

If you are among those who want to own a watch with reasonable cost, but with many great features, then maybe the below collection of watches will grab your attention. The collection given below happens to be a collection of five best watches which have their rates are under $200 (Click to see watches Under $150 here). Instead of looking at various sites to find that perfect watch which will suit your own style, look at these watches. These will definitely not disappoint you.


Michael Kors Mens Runway Chronograph Watch MK8077

Michael Kors Mens Runway Chronograph Watch MK8077 Review

This watch has an analog display. It also has a quartz movement which is provided for keeping your timing perfect. The body of this watch is made up of a special type of crystal mineral which is treated with heat to make it resistant to scratches.  The band and the case of the watch both are stainless steel plated with gold. This will give you an elegant and a sophisticated look. Now you must be thinking that since it is beautiful, so there is a possibility that it will not last long. Well, sorry to cut your thoughts in the middle, but it is extremely long-lasting and durable.

This watch has a stationary bezel, which has a gold dial which seem like matching the style of the whole watch. To add some piece of visual attention in the watch, the display of the gold dial has beautiful bars and numerals in Arabic language. This has 3 different sub dials which display the date. It is totally resistant to water up to 330 feet, which is quite a depth. You can use this watch simply on a regular day also and you can wear it on any special day also.

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Casio Pathfinder Men’s PAG240-1CR

Casio Pathfinder Men’s PAG240-1CR Review This watch is very special. It is solar powered and this is the reason behind its accuracy in its quartz movement. It has a beautiful resin case and display is digital in nature. The display is made up of special type of anti-scratch crystal material. It also has a feature to show the function of the calendar which includes the date, month, year and the respective day. The most amazing part of this watch is its compass. Not only compass, but it also has an altimeter, barometer and a display the temperature. If you are under 330 feet deep water, even then also you don’t have to worry about your watch getting ruined because it is totally water resistant up to that limit. It can also withstand air pressure up to 200 bars easily.

You can set five kinds of different alarm in this too. To maintain the accuracy in keeping time, this watch can display the time of 48 cities in the world accurately. If you are among those people who love adventure then this watch is a perfect fit for you. It can stand against any abuse in its band due to the hard raisin case and band. It is highly durable and has a power saver mode which also saves its energy at night.

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Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s AT0810-12E

Citizen MenAT0810-12E Eco-Drive Watch Review

It is an analog watch with Japanese techniques used for quartz movement. It is air pressure resistant, water resistant, scratch proof and shock resistant. It is extremely popular for its accuracy in keeping time. The special crystal display allows ample of light to charge the watch. The Eco drive features of this watch enable it to get a charge from normal sunlight or artificial lights. A one-time charge inside this watch results in fully charged battery for 6 months. At this time you don’t need any light to charge it and can stay in the darkest place too.

It features a band which is made up of pig leather, unidirectional bezel and a steel case. This whole setup provides an aviator look for you. It has chronograph features which can process 60 minutes in to the decrement in seconds and a date calendar in its display. It shows a bold look with its dynamic appearance. It’s providing many features in a reasonable rate also, so it can be a great option too.

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Bulova Marine Star Men’s 98E003

Bulova Men 98E003 Marine Watch Review If you want your watch to be an eye catcher with beautiful visual appearance and good craftsmanship, then this watch is the exact thing that you are looking for. Not only this watch will fulfil your style quotient, but it will also lift your tech quotient with the chronograph features like incandescent hands and markers, sub dials which show the date, day and hour etc. It is water resistant if you spend a strenuous lifestyle, then also it will remain durable for a long time.

It has a deployment buckle which is responsible for secure grip in your hand. The quartz movement is excellent and is based on Japanese technology. It has a motionless bezel which has 34 accents in diamond. The stainless steel casing makes it hard and durable. It has a dial of mother of pearl and a black colored casing. You can wear it for casual use, occasional use or special use.

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Seiko Men’s SSC017 Japanese Quartz Solar Stainless Steel Dive Watch

Seiko Men SSC017 Solar Stainless Steel Dive Watch Review

This analog watch which has quartz movement made up of Japanese expertise is famous for its ability to keep time. The bezel, bracelet and the case are made up of stainless steel so it provides ultimate durability features. The crystal material which is used to make the dial protects the screen from different scratches. It also has a push button for the clasp to keep the watch secure on your wrist. It will never ask you for a new battery, because it is chargeable by sunlight.

It has different features like sub dials and bright silver hands for better visibility. The dial of the watch is black in color and have silver dots for marking the hours. The marking for a minute is done in white color outside the rim. This whole watch is very sleek and stylish in design and its color contrast is beautifully done by a quality craftsman. It is a must have kind a watch which can be used any way you want.

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These are some of the best picks for you under men watch with a price less than $200. You should check out these watches and their price before buying any other watch and searching the vast global market.

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